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We Insure That You Always Look Your Best

Shirts and Blouses
Royal Cleaners understand that you've invested a lot of money in your clothes. This is why we go beyond the call of duty to deliver the best cleaning and restore as much quality as possible in your garments.

Women of today are fashionable and educated and their wardrobe announces this. Royal Cleaners takes the utmost care in a garments restoration to insure your very best appearance every time.

Women's clothes are as beautiful as they are complex to maintain and clean. With such difficult textiles as a lambs wool with it's short fuzzy fibers that are inclined to pill, a fuchsia silk blouse that can easily bleed and fade or a rayon/linen blend skirt that's prone to shrinking or pleats that can easily be undone. Dry Cleaning is the only method to protect the investment you've made in your wardrobe and Royal Cleaners takes the extra steps necessary to do deliver our very best care each and every time.

A Gentlemen's clothes tell much about the man wearing them. Making your appearance and your statement clear and convincing is our job.

We Hand-finish rolled edges of suits and ties so they look new and soft-press garments for minimal seam impressions. Paying attention to special details and taking care of minor repairs on cuffs , zippers, and buttons is Royal Cleaners signature of quality garment care. A well pressed suit or uniform that has been properly finished by Royal Cleaners shows that the person wearing it is a proud professional. Keeping your garments crisper and looking new allows you to look and feel your best.

Whether you are in town or traveling, Royal Cleaners will insure that you always look your best.
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