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We Clean Household Items to Your Optimum Satisfaction!


Royal Cleaners cleans more than clothes, we are also experts at cleaning and preserving your household items such as blankets, comforters, decorative pillows, rugs, and draperies.

Window Treatments
Draperies and curtains may appear to be clean at first glance, however at a closer look it becomes noticeable that they are collecting dirt, dust, oil, smoke, pollen, heating fumes, bacteria and other air born pollutants. Maintaining their cleanliness is very important to their longevity and the well being of your homes inhabitants.


With the great efforts made during spring cleaning or preparing for parties and holidays be sure that your households are not overlooked. We go above and beyond to insure that your households are properly cared for.   All our drapes are pre-spotted, cleaned, pressed, accordion folded, pleated and banded. We clean all fabric types from linen to velvet and everything in between.



Area Rugs
Area rugs accent a homes style while providing warmth and comfort. The luxury they offer is quickly warn by daily foot traffic, spills and pets. For this reason we are dedicated to offering superior dry cleaning services tailored specifically to perserving area rugs, thus enhancing the cleanliness of your home. Delicate Rugs and upholsteries demand the special care and cleaning technologies our professionals provide including Sanitizing, Pet Odor Control, Degreasing and Spot Removal.

We are committed to keeping your hosuehold items clean and preserved.
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