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We Keep Your Bedroom Households Preserved and Clean

Comforters & Bedspreads

Your bedroom households serve many functions: bedspreads, comforters and blankets keep you warm in the winter months, duvets, shams and dust ruffles add decoration and handmade or antique quilts have a sentimental feeling. Keeping them looking their best year after year is a job for a professional Cleaner and the only way to prevent the many problems associated with maintaining these delicate households.


Through adequate testing and expert cleaning procedures, Royal Cleaners can keep your households looking their best and preserved to their fullest potential.

Tailored and quilted bedspreads, as well as comforters that are too large for home machine washing, should be taken to your Royal Cleaners.

Blankets should be cleaned before storing away for the spring. Soiled blankets placed in storage attract insects and stains can set and weaken fabrics.

If you have natural filled pillows, like down or feathers, they should be sent brought to Royal Cleaners where the ticking is removed and the feathers sanitized. When proper care is taken, it is recommend to clean pillows at least once a year.


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