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It is our desire to restore as much quality to your garment as possible.

About Us
Welcome to Royal Cleaners. We have been at this same location for over 35 years. On site professional dry cleaning has been our forte' for two generations of family owners.Royal Cleaners is a full service plant, cleaning a variety of fabrics and special garments.

Quality care for your needs is our utmost concern.


Having the resources of three family owned dry cleaners presently in operation and membership to the Industrial Fabric Care Institute and the California Dry Cleaners Association insures a professional assessment of your dry cleaning needs.

What is Quality Cleaning you ask?
Many professional cleaners advertise that they clean clothes, but only a handful can honestly say that they do a quality job of cleaning. Quality begins when you the customer walk through the front door, and continues throughout the plant until you pick up the finished garments. At the counter, we will discuss any particular spots and problems and do our best to satisfy your needs. Through the process of initial inspection, marking in, pre-spotting, dry cleaning, hanging up, pressing, assembly, checking out and packaging your garments are scrutinized for improvement.


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